It’s Fantasy Football Time! (August Review)

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I’m going to try and keep this short since it’s getting late and there’s a big month waiting ahead for me in September. Also, it was another patchy month where I logged about 70 hours according to HEM and the results were rather depressing. Here’s a quick rundown:


Table Winnings- -2,513.15
FPP Value- 1,176
$-1,337.15 USD

I think I’ve already expressed my thoughts and plans for PLO/September in enough detail in my last blog entry so I’m not going to go into too much more detail on that. Basically, I’m going to give PLO one more shot in September and re-evaluate things after that. The main thing is that I just want to play enough volume to give myself a “full experience” of PLO and a decent enough sample size to honestly reflect on things after the month is over. I think that I said that I would be blogging everyday in September and after thinking about it a bit, I think that might be a bit excessive and counter-productive to what I want to accomplish. Instead, I’ll blog around every 3 days and basically do a mid-week and end of the week review about how things are going.

Aside from playing everyday, I’ll also be busy hosting some WCOOP events and most likely be playing in some events myself. I don’t actually have a WCOOP schedule made up but I’ll probably play several satellites and take it from there.

To all the NFL fans out there, September is a very exciting time of the year since football season starts up again! I’m in a fantasy football pool this year for the first time in my life and am pretty stoked on it. I actually just got back from a 2-night trip up to Whistler with my gf, which was awesome, and got home in time today for the live draft at 5pm. I ended up getting the 2nd pick out of 8 teams and put together what I think is an incredibly stacked team. The buy-in’s $100 so there’s a bit of money on the line but mostly pride/entertainment. Here’s what I drafted:

QB: Drew Brees
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Dez Bryant
RB: Arian Foster
RB: Doug Martin
TE: Aaron Hernandez

Darren Sproles
K: Steven Gostkowski
D: Eages
BN: Stevie Johnson (WR)
BN: Kenny Britt (WR)
BN: Philip Rivers (QB)
BN: Jason Witten (TE)
BN: David Wilson (RB)

So yeah, I think I crushed the draft. Obviously I’m stacked at wide receiver and running back (got handed Foster after the 1st pick took Ray Rice, although they’re pretty close) and don’t really have any weaknesses. I somehow managed to load up on backs, which was my original plan, and was still able to nab a top 3 or 4 QB in Brees and 4 top receivers. I even got what I would consider a top 3 TE in Herndanzes, who’s poised to have a big year after recently signing a new contract extension if he can stay healthy (though it’s the NFL…everyone’s a health risk). To cap things off, I landed my #1 kicker Gostkowski and a top 3 defence in Philly. Pretty much everyone on my bench could be a starter on most teams, with Johnson and Britt acting as one of the go-to receivers on their respective teams and Witten a starter on Dallas. Rivers is pretty crap, but he’s just a bit of insurance if Brees goes down since he probably won’t get any starts otherwise. David Wilson was a very late pick but still holds a lot of potential if Bradshaw gets hurt in New York and opens the door for some game time (he’s a hyped up rookie on the Giants).

Since there were only 8 teams, everyone drafted pretty well and there are certainly a lot of solid teams but after reviewing the league I’d say mine is probably top 2. Also, a lot of the teams that I thought were downright good had solid starters but lacked anything close to a quality bench…meaning that any injury is going to hurt their chances pretty badly, pretty quickly. I think after you consider my starters and the balance that I considered while building the team, it should be a pretty good year on the fantasy front!

That’s all for now, I’ll give you all an update on the PLO front in a few days. Thx for reading and if anyone else is doing fantasy this season I’d be interested to hear your teams or thoughts on mine…talk soon,

gl at the tables.

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