So the WBCOOP is back and this is the first year that I”ll be participating in it. Not only will I be participating but I will be playing in all 30 events and plan on finishing quite high on the overall leader board! I will be playing a lot of tournaments with the rulebook open since I have little to no clue as to how to play a lot of the non-hold-em events. I”m pretty confident that even with my little experience I”ll be all right but we”ll see…

The tournament series runs from February 23rd to March 4th and if you have a blog about poker, here”s how you can enter for free:

-Visit http

-Basically, if you have a blog about poker and want to play in the WBCOOP, just write up a short entry (500 words) detailing what you”d do with the $5,000 if you won it for being best blogger. Make it funny, make it serious, make it up-I don”t think that it really matters! Post it and share it with your friends and Stars will send you 10 tickets to play any of the events. If you cash in anything, you”ll get an extra ticket to use to play in the Main Event!

In each event, we”ll have the chance to win some free SCOOP tickets and the incentive to win some more prizes from doing well on the series leader board or from being the best blogger/tweeter. Some of the things that can be won include:

Leader Board prizes:

-1st place: WBCOOP Trophy, Live Event or Online Package for Any Global PokerStars Event (up to the value of $7,000), 2012 SCOOP Medium Main Event Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.

-2nd place: 2012 SCOOP Medium Main Event Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.

-3rd place: Step 4 Ticket and a Special Edition Chipset.

Extra prizes:

-$5,000 cash for Best WBCOOP 2012 Blogger

-$1,000 cash for Best WBCOOP 2012 Live Tweeter

-$11 T-Money bounty on each of the Team Online members’ heads!

I expect the tournament series to be a ton of fun more than anything…for me it”s a chance to splash around in some different games that I wouldn”t normally play and have a good time chatting at the tables and with the rail.

If you”ve been on the fence about starting up a blog of your own the WBCOOP should be enough incentive to do so. For me, having a blog has been a great way to hold myself accountable for my poker

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goals and has acted as a way to vent frustrations after a session. Even if you”re just talking to yourself blogging can be very therapeutic. Also, a poker blog can be a great way to get your name out in the poker community and serves as a tool to talk strategy and improve your poker game. It”s funny looking back on things and seeing how much of a vehicle my blog has been to my poker career…who knew…

I”m going to make a real effort to win the best blogger award and I”ve already decided what I”d do with the $5,000 if I would be so fortunate to win. If I win, I will use every penny to stake those that follow my blog in the Sunday Million. $5,000 will allow me to stake 23 people into the tournament ( one person in the big $55)! The deal will be a one-time 50/50 split (ie. if you cash you return the $215 buy-in 50% of the profits and keep everything else) and could potentially be profitable for everyone. Regardless, it should be an awesome way to spend a Sunday sweating the field and a decent way to give something back to you guys that read my blog on a regular basis!

Anyways, best of luck to all of you that are playing the WBCOOP and I”ll see you out there.

gl at the tables!


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